Bioseptic Tank for Old Age Homes

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“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed”. Life gets completed when we work for others with a satisfied life. Using of bio septic tanks is one of the waste water treatment processes. It is one of the recycle processes without any labour source. This process does not require much space and money.

Once when the septic tanks are used, it must be maintained and cleaned with some labour source. Once it is not maintained there may be a chance for overflow in the tank. It wills also leads to several disorders and creates severe health issues. The tank used for this process is not plastic, it is concrete. The fitting process is one of the easiest processes and does not take time.


The tank which is made up of biocements, it is fitted with bio- filters. Bio-enzymes are one of the best ways to treat human waste. It is one of purely rust free. This process is the best and hygienic. Weight is less and strong durability.


There is no overflow and the ground water level of pollution is prevented. Contamination of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches are prevented. Set up and maintainace is easy. Cost is low. The range of sanitation is also high percent and this type of waste is also decayed and made cleared by using this tanks. There is no bad smell in toilets and it is organic in nature.


The system contains two tank, they are collection and evaporation tanks. In the collection tank all 95% of water is evaporated under the ground so the ground water is also good. The tank which is used by us is made up of Bio-cements which will not be corroded for life long.